How To: Create a simple image gallery with JavaScript

Create a simple image gallery with JavaScript

In this tutorial the author shows how to make a simple JavaScript image gallery. In this video the instructor shows how to set up a Lightbox tool. Lightbox is a simple image or photo gallery script which you can use on your website. It is a free tool and it is very easy to setup on your website. This tool has many features like when you click on an image the image enlarges and the rest of the background is darkened focusing your view on the image. Now the author shows the links to the Lightbox2 website where you can download the required JavaScript and other CSS files. Now he shows how to setup the Lightbox gallery in a sample website. This video shows how to setup a simple JavaScript image gallery using the Lightbox tool.

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Happy Dance in your honor!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! :D (Will send the developer some $$)

Interesting video!

Thanks for the tips!

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